Supreme Court Judgments on Lands (SCJL)

The SCJL is a concise Law Report containing judgments of the Nigerian Supreme Court on Lands between 1907-2019, compiled into seven volumes. It aids easy research on the development of the Supreme Court Nigerian Judgments as it relates to Lands over the years.


Nigerian Practice & Procedure Cases (NPPC 1970-2020 Volumes 1-18)

This publication is a product of more than 5 years of intensive and extensive legal research on procedural matters, professional editorial resourcing as well as top-notch and highest quality printing output.


Nigerian Company Law Cases (NCLC)

The Nigerian Company Law Cases is a historic evolution of Law Reporting in Nigeria. It is a one-stop shop on Court judgments on company Law cases and disputes arising from the interpretation, application, and operations of the Companies and Allied Matters Act Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 and its predecessor, the Companies Act 1968.


Supreme Court Judgments on Evidence (SCJE)

This is the first dedicated Evidence Law Reports in print in Nigeria. The SCJE focuses exclusively on decisions and judgments of the Nigerian Supreme Courts on Evidence. It comes in 8 Volumes, detailing decisions and judgments delivered between1951–2019 with CD of General Index.


Nigeria Intellectual Property Law Reports (IPLR)

The Intellectual Property Law Report is the first dedicated and concise Law Reports on Copyright, Designs, Trade Marks & Patents Judgments in Nigeria. The IPLR is an epoch-making report and it affords lawyers and IP Practitioners easy access to the judgments of Nigerian Courts of Record on Intellectual Property.


Annoted Evidence Act (AEA)


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